keyhash is an alphanumeric id generated according to keystore file available in our machine, default keystore, now with the help of package name, you will get keyhash , that needs to be registered in facebook developer console in “settings” section.

FB android sdk keystore

FB android sdk keystore

but when I published the app, I found that keyhash (with default keystore) is not working, so after searching I found that the latest keystore file I have by exporting my app.. will be used here.. with the support of open ssl.

syntax :

keytool -exportcert -alias YOUR_ALIAS -keystore YOUR_SIGNING_KEY > locationfortextfile
keytool -exportcert -alias XXX -keystore XXXkeystore > debug.txt
openssl sha1 -binary debug.txt > debug_sha.txt
openssl base64 -in debug_sha.txt > debug_base64.txt


Done! The debug_base64.txt contains your Key Hash. Copy this in your app console and you are all set.

Happy coding..